Webinar "Values-Driven Marketing and the Influencer Community"


In June 2018, The Business of Fashion (BoF) ran an article on “activist advertising,” the increasingly popular practice of supporting social and political causes as a marketing strategy. In recent years, BoF noted, a host of fashion and beauty brands have rallied around movements ranging from gender equality to animal rights, often expressing solidarity through much-publicized charitable donations. While these campaigns can prove rewarding, fusing advertising and activism is also risky. As BoF reported, “in the eye of the consumer, there is a fine line between supporting a movement and co-opting it,” and brands must take care to avoid the perception that they are merely capitalizing on social issues. To better understand this challenging but widespread strategy, we turned to Earned Media Value (EMV), Tribe Dynamics’ proprietary metric for social media engagement. Drawing from our findings, we developed a set of best practices that brands can abide by to steer clear of controversy and foster values-based connections with influencers.


With social networks influencing consumer behavior more than ever, the success of brands is becoming increasingly dependent on digital word-of-mouth. Tribe Dynamics conducts in-depth research on brands’ social performance, using earned media value (EMV), our proprietary metric for measuring online engagement, to evaluate influencer marketing strategies. Now, we want to share our insights with you!

Over the coming months, we will hold bi-weekly webinars on topics ranging from the role of activism in influencer marketing to strategies for smaller-scale influencer activations. Each webinar will be accompanied by a special report providing additional data and insights on the topic. We hope you find these webinars and reports as illuminating as we have while creating them!

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